Tracking statistic on Google Analytics is easy to add.
MENU-->Settings-->C advanced-->Configuration-->My Store-->Tracking tab
Google will give you a tracking ID - starting with UA-xxxxxxx
Enter that ID into the field for Google Analytics, and a few hours later Google will start gathering your data.
You can see the status and progress it's making.

Tracking Adword campaigns requires a Google conversion ID and a supplementary module from us.
This is an extra paid module offered by us. Once it is activated you can enter the tracking details from admin:
MENU-->Settings-->C advanced-->Configuration-->My Store-->Tracking tab.
Yes, you can customize the tracking modules. Make the changes and uploaded to modules/tracking/ folder with filename starting with bg_
You can add a local copy of the infobox to root modules/boxes folder with the name as bg_categories_css.php and made appropriate modifications. The changes you made there will reflect in the infobox. Note: For all infoboxes you can make a local copy to modules/boxes with the filename as bg_.php
The Contact Us page collects it's information from:
- Your settings under My Store
- the language file named contact_us.php

Finally you can change the layout and content in your active themes contact_us.tpl or add fixed information that will show in all languages.
In the admin there is a setting 'Allow Category Descriptions' which is present in master_admin-->C advanced-->Configuration-->Product Features-->Hide/Show Admin tab. You can set it as True for the desired sat. Switching the satellites can be possible from the selectbox present in the right top of that page. For satellites having this feature True will only display the description in the frontend.
Package weight is added by the admin from C advanced-->Configuration-->Others-->Shipping/packaging tab. There is a setting 'Package Tare Weight'. You can change the package weight there.
Note: If package weight is 0, you have to set the 'Percentage Increase' also as 0. Otherwise the percentage will also be added to the product weight.
Yes it is possible. You can manage the location from admin->C advanced-->configuration-->product features-->product listing tab. There is a setting 'Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar' with select box to select 1,2 or 3. 1 means it will appear in the top only, 2=>appears in the bottom only, 3=> appears both top and bottom.
You can set the cheapest shipping method as the default one, there is no other option to select any other shipping module as default. For setting the cheapest as default you can manage it from here - C advanced-->Configuration-->Others-->Shipping/packaging tab. 'Shipping Cheap set suggest ' - when set it as true, the cheapest shipping module will be the selected one.
Yes it is possible for our support to do that by adding the IP to a systemfile named .htaccess
The file is not visible through ftp, since it is a systemfile on Linux - it starts with a .
Support will charge a small fee for doing this.

The syntax for adding is:
order allow,deny
deny from -hostile IP -
allow from all

Note: - IP's can represent a large amount of internet users - most ADSL / broadband users have dynamic IP's that changes over time - many people have more than one IP they can use (PC, iPhone, work, Library).
Right now it is not possible. All the subcategories details like subcategory name, description, image are present in a single tpl variable {$subcategories}. If you have to remove the description, you can do it only as a custom code.
You have to edit danish.php or english.php from admin
MENU: Settings -> C advanced --> Language --> Language variables.
There you have to change the description for the define BOX_HEADING_ATTRIBUTES_SEARCH.
Note: Most of the infobox headings are defined in danish.php/english.php. All of them will start with BOX_HEADING_ .
This is a complete list of codes:
You can add attribute stock from/system/admin/stock.php?products_id={product_id}. From this section you can add the attribute stock for each product.
This occurs if you have a permanent link in your favorites in your browser that cotains and older session ID - like this:
Change that link to this:
Note the session id has been removed.
If you have given Back in stock as 7-14 days and the product quantity as 0, then only it will be display out of stock status. If you have given the stock quantity greater than 1, then it will display the 'In stock' status.
No, there is no option like that. You have to go to/system/admin/stock.php?products_id={product_id} for all products and change the attribute stock.
You can use the tpl variable {$pdf_document_text} in product_info.tpl. Help is available here
You can edit the text from here -/system/admin/language_variables.php?page=1&fID=add_danish.php&action=edit, TEXT_QBP_PRICE_DISCOUNT_BEFORE and TEXT_QBP_PRICE_DISCOUNT_AFTER. You can't edit the DKK text as it is coming from the system folder.
For special character conversions, first you have to set 'Enable SEO URLs?' as true (this is also present in the same tab). Then give "Enter special character conversions" field as ø=>oe. This will replace the char ø present in the url with oe. One more point to do is 'Reset SEO URLs Cache' radio button as 'reset' for clearing the cache.
You can define the comments in admin-->Settings -> C Advanced -> Settings -> Other settings -> Language variabels -> admin_defines. There you can edit the defines for ORDER_STATUS_COMMENT_1, ORDER_STATUS_COMMENT_2, _3, _4 and _5.
There is one configuration variable 'Allow Checkout' in Configuration-->Others-->Stock which can be set to false. If set to false, the system will not allow to checkout the product if the attributes are out of stock.
Check stock level --> checks only the products quantity and not the attribute quantity. So you can set 'Check stock level' as true and 'Allow Checkout' as false.
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