These steps are recommendable to take before you go live.

1. Language.
Default installation have 2 languages enabled:
Your national language and english (eg danish & english), and all description fields are shown twice - one for each language.
If you don't plan to use more than one of them, you can make the admin look much more simple by removing the language that you aren't using.
Let's remove the english for a shop thats purely running in danish.
Go to: MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Language -> Languages

Here you'll see to groups that shows the languages avaiable:

Disabled front-end language are also disabled in the admin if present, so the fastest way to disable English in this case is to disable it in front-end by clicking on the red icon in Enable/disable column.
All english descriptions allready present will be removed from the database when you disable english.

2. Addons
Default installations have the modules and features installed thats normally needed to go live, but there's plenty of more options to choose from on our Addons repository.
You can go there directly using this URL: and then you can browse around, but you will not be able to install or download.
You have to go there from you system Administration, if you want to install one or more of the features from there, and there's more ways to get there as you can see below:

Top menu link below the language flag(s):

brings you to the frontpage of Addons, and you can browse the site from there.

There's also links added to the pages where you'll be needing them - like these examples:

placed on MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Site -> Column Controller
MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Modules -> Shipping
MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Modules -> Payment

On themes that you find here: MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Site -> Themes
you have 2 buttons based on the nature of your request: Themes or theme pages
To increase the flexibility there's single pages that can be added into your active theme, and thereby change the layout of the frontpage or product page without changing the general look and feel of your theme.

Once you've choosen the addon you would like, then all you need is to click on
the or the button, and the system will do the rest.
You'll be return to the same page you started out from, and you'll be able to change the settings right away.

3. Search Engines:
If your BG Webshop is installed on a newly purchased domain, then you'll have to have some patience - it can take weeks - even months before Google and others finds you.
You can speed things up in Google by following these guidelines from Google:

Confirm your site to Google:
META confirmation:
MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Languages -> Language in database
Edit english.php (or .php) and Enter the META confirmation code that Google gives you into the CUSTOM_META_TAG and ask Google to check.
HTML file confirmation:
Upload the .html file from Google to your webroot and call the file.

Edit Your Headertags:
In BG Webshop there are some areas that are important to change shen you start:
MENU: Settings -> B routine -> SEO - HeaderTags
This is where you define the overall META tags for your system and the most important ones are TITLE tag and Description tags.
Description tags are used in Google as the description of your site - so be precise.


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