Need to and recommended to do.

We know that there's a lot of things on your mind when you start, and there's so many options that can be taken into action, so here's a short list of things we think you should do first of all.
Prime areas are the ones covered by the startup Wizard, and if you missed that, then you can go to:
MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Site -> Get started Wizard and run it again.

Change the content of you mainpage through: MENU: Content Manager -> Edit Guest Mainpage

Edit the default informationpages for Shipping  & Conditions through: MENU: Content Manager -> Content Manager
Disable the ones you don't need for now - you can and will return later.

Add categories: MENU: Catalog -> Categories / Products
and subsequently add products to these categories.
Use the extensive helptexts thats present on every TAB.

Choose a theme that suits you: MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Site -> Themes
Make any adjustments you want - Update and Re-install the theme.

Activate / deactivate the infoboxes you want: MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Site -> Column controller

Choose at least one shipping and one Payment option in:
MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Modules -> Shipping
MENU: Settings -> C Advanced -> Modules -> Payment

Change the general META-tags for your shop: MENU: Settings -> B Routine -> SEO -> Header Tags

and then you're open for business.

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