BG Webshop is a large and versatile system with lots of customization options.
Many of these options are described in the build in Remote Help System (RHS), that gives you help on every page or Tab in Your administration.

This documentation adds help to the help allready build into the system, and will give examples of topics and features that goes across two or more topics.
It's a continous process based on questions asked on our support, and the development of the system.

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On Your left their is a black TAB named Feedback, that you should use for any suggestions you would like to share with us and the other visitors.

Overall typo for this documentation:
code - all code are written in Courier New Italic

- strings that requires changes from you are enclosed in < >

Proposal / Tip - Tip or a proposal that might be considered

Warning  - this requires more than avarage skills

More - Links and suggestions for more information

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