If you want to add some custom/local changes in article_info.php, you need to add a custom php file with name custom_tpl_article_info.php in themes/functions/ folder where you can add the new changes and define those to a template variable. Also you should place that variable in themes/<Current theme>/articles/article_info.tpl
Variables used in article_info.tpl
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_date{literal}}{/literal} To display the article creation date.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_description{literal}}{/literal} To diplay the article content.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_image{literal}}{/literal} To display the article image if added.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_image_caption{literal}}{/literal} To display the image caption if added.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_name{literal}}{/literal} To display the name of the article.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_reviews_button{literal}}{/literal} To display the button for writing the review for the article.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_reviews_count{literal}}{/literal} To display the count of the reviews added for this article.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_url{literal}}{/literal} To display the URL of the article if added.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_tell_friend{literal}}{/literal} To display the textbox for entering the email id and button for sending the mail.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_tell_friend_heading{literal}}{/literal} To display the heading for the tell a friend section.
{literal}{{/literal}$articles_xsell{literal}}{/literal} To display the products associated with this article if added from Settings -> B Runtime -> Article Manager -> Cross-Sell articles.
{literal}{{/literal}$authers_link{literal}}{/literal} To display the website link of the article author.
{literal}{{/literal}$article_facebook_comment_tpl{literal}}{/literal} To display the facebook comment in this page. First you have to enable facebook reviews and comments in the C advanced-->configuration-->social networks-->facebook tab. Then in the article add/edit page you can enable the facebook comment for that article (Enable facebook reviews and comments)
{literal}{{/literal}$article_review_rewards{literal}}{/literal} To display the number of points will earn by the customer if customer writes a review for the article. To show this, the points system should be enabled. and the article review write points will not be empty. We can enable the points sytem in admin-->C Advanced-->Configuration-->Customers-->Customers-->Enable Points system . We can enter the points in admin-->C Advanced-->Configuration-->Customers-->Customers-->Award points for Article Reviews.
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